Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are accelerators or incubators?

A. A recent invention to help start-ups, accelerators are most commonly summarized as "college for companies". The idea is to vastly increase a companies' chance for success by providing assistance with connections, mentoring advisers, space, funding and focus. Typically there is a demo day once a year to give wide exposure to potential backers. While the funding tends to get the attention, most experienced and successful graduates put greatest value on the connections which can help over an entire career lifetime.

Q. Why are accelerators becoming popular?

A. We think that accelerators are becoming popular because of the huge growth in the Indie Developer scene. This means that there are more and more amazing games out there, as well as more and more companies that don't know how to get their games in front of the right eyes as well as groom the teams to run a company. Many industry veterans have started these incubator/accelerator programs to utilize the knowledge and contacts that they have to help indie teams.

Q. What's the advantage of being in a specialized game incubator?

A. The main benefit of being in a specialized game accelerator is that everyone working with you and your team is a professional and a veteran in your industry. They have gone down the path that you are taking, know answers to questions that you will ask, and can help you avoid problems that you might not think about because they themselves have made those mistakes.

Q. How do I apply for HouseOgames?

A. We have a online application process that you can fill out. Once filled out, we will reach out to each team and speak with them individually to find the right fit for our program.

Q. What type of games / products do you accept?

A. We are currently only accepting game companies. So if you have a Mobile, PC, Console, browser game of any kind we would like to hear from you. The most appealing games in this day and age are free-to-play Social Mobile games.

Q. Our team needs some targeted design & monetization help, can I get it at HouseOgames?

A. Of course, HouseOgames has over 60 mentors in all aspects of the gaming industry ranging from how to protect your IP to the best way to Monetize and everything in-between.

Q. How does being in HouseOgames help with game discovery and distribution?

A. The HouseOgames founders have worked and helped build one of the largest professionals only game conference in the world. The connections that we have made over the past 7 years are invaluable to indie developers and we want to share them with you! We have many partnerships with different conferences and distributors to help get your game front and center.

Q. Can HouseOgames help me find team members or outsource work?

A. Being in Seattle is one of the best places in the US to be if you're looking for talent. We can definitely reach out to our networks to help you find whatever you may be missing in your team. If you're looking to outsource, there are many connections that we have all around the world as well.

Q. How long is the program?

A. Each program will last 1 year. If you continue to meet your goals then you can stay inside the program and utilize all that we provide for you for as long as you would like.

Q. How often does HouseOgames host seminars and will they be open to the public?

A. HouseOgames will hold several seminars a month and they will be open to the indie community. As seating will be limited, first priority will come to the teams inside of the program. Having these seminars open to the public will help you connect with more of the local industry.

Q. How big should my team be?

A. We suggest teams of a minimum of 2 people, at least one of whom can program and one that can do art as well. Teams of 3-5 are the best fit for such a program.

Q. Do we need to be incorporated first?

A. No, however, all teams will need to be incorporated before the first game is released to market. We have mentors that can assist with this when needed.

Q. Do I need to have a game released already to apply?

A. While it's definitely a plus to see a released product of your talents, it's not 100% necessary. We do need a working demo of what you would like to develop before being accepted.

Q. Can I participate if I have raised funding?

A. Yes, you can still apply. Nothing would change, we would still offer all of our services.

Q. How does being in HouseOgames help get our team funding?

A. On occasion, we will assist in helping teams find funding, but the goal would be to train the team themselves to venture out into the funding world and acquire it themselves. Many of our mentors have gone through this process and can assist you in prepping for such meetings. The ultimate goal would be to let your game fund you! With the right distribution partners and marketing, your game can take you a long way if you would like to remain Indie.

Q. Do you provide any funding?

A. Yes, we do provide funding, but not in a way of a check directly to your team. We provide you with a place to stay, as well as all utilities for at least a year.

Q. Do you provide office space?

A. We do provide office space, in a way. We provide each team with a house to live in while inside the program. The house will also double as your office. This is our financial investment into the company. We also cover all utilities during the stay as well.

Q. Will our team live in the house alone?

A. Perhaps, this depends on how large your team is. If you are a 2 person team and we have another 2 person team apply, we will likely have you share a larger house so you all can cooperate and learn from each other.

Q. Do we have to live in Seattle while participating?

A. Yes, you would need to live in Seattle while participating in the program. This is the only way for you and your team to get the most out of the program. If you're team is larger or a member or two can not participate, that is ok. We require only that the founders participate.

Q. Do you provide Visas?

A. No. Due to the length of our program we are unable to acquire visas at this time. If and when our immigration law changes, we will update our stance on this issue.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. All of the team must be 18 years of age or older when applying for the program.

Q. What happens if we do not complete the program?

A. If the team is asked to depart from the program or if the team chooses to leave the program early, HouseOgames will maintain a 30% rev share on the project that was being developed inside the program at the time of separation. Once the team reaches 6 months inside the program, then the 8% equity stake will belong to HouseOgames regardless if the team leaves before the end of the year.

As long as the team meets the milestones they set, and is respectful to the assistance they are receiving inside the program, there would be no reason that HouseOgames would ask you to leave.