The Top Game Events and Expos

There's no doubt that keeping up with the hottest trends in the gaming industry is hard especially if you don't have the right sources for reliable news. Aside from playing games, the next exciting thing on your list is definitely to learn more New games that are about to hit the market. The diverse game industry events are the perfect occasions and place where you'll surely be able to witness the best games honored for their brilliance and they could also be the place where new games would first be presented to the world. There are many outstanding benefits behind attending this kind of events and if you're a gaming enthusiast, you'll surely want to have a bite out of this fun events as well, as it is also a great way for you to immerse yourself on the enthusiastic and extremely exhilarating gaming industry. You could additionally grab free spins casino no deposit bonus codes to explore hundreds of online casino games, some of which are based on video games.

Of course, there are plenty of game industry events out there some of which could be made by local areas only while some are renowned global events. If you're going to attend this kind of event or add one into your bucket list, you'll surely want to know more about the different game industry events that are worthy for you to go to, and we are here to give you some ideas from game expo, gaming conventions, iGaming events and everything in between.

Electronic Entertainment Expo

Held in North America on a yearly basis, there's no doubt that you have already heard of the renowned Electronic Entertainment Expo. It's more known by the term E3 and it's by far, one of the most prestigious events in the gaming industry. It's more of a trading event as well because it provides the perfect platform and place for publishers and game developers to showcase their new items on their shelves which are bound to rock the world of the gaming industry. In this event, every renowned company and even those which aren't would have the chance to advertise their games to the public which would be released during the year. They would also provide glimpses of the games in the form of trailers while some even takes it to the point of giving away merchandises which signify the game they are advertising. Looking at the past of this gaming convention, it was only for those who are part of the industry at first but on 2017, when mainstream media caught up to it, it has become something that the public could enjoy as well.


Gamescom can be said to be the E3 of Europe. It is more commonly held in Germany and just like the E3, it's an annual trading event too. It definitely ranks high in terms of popularity as well as diverse games from Need For Speed and other titles have all been announced in this gaming event. This trading event is the perfect place for gaming developers and publishers to release their games due to the fact that it caters to hundreds of thousands of visitors in its events, catering to both the gaming industry professionals and even those who are from the public who would love to experience an immersive and thrilling fun with people who loves gaming as much as you do. There are also outstanding tournaments held in Gamescom in the past which even renders whopping winning prizes.

Game Awards

Aside from trading events which is a platform to advertise and introduce new games and products to the public, another kind of game industry event which every game lovers would surely want to join, is the game awards. The name is self-explanatory and it pertains to an award show, rendering diverse reward titles up for grabs. The games who would be able to win the show would be honored with the corresponding title wherein they were nominated for, allowing them to etch their names in the annals of the gaming history. Of course, as much as it is fun to learn more about the best games of the year and those which are awarded with video game awards, this event does not limit the news it provide. They could also be a platform to advertise and introduce upcoming games like E3 and Gamescom . It's one of the mainstream events in the industry to the point where it is even streamed through diverse platforms and not just through live shows. If you don't have the liberty to attend the event itself, you could also support it and revel on it through watching them on television, social media and other means. The events that you'll surely want can also be in relation to competitions like the Call of Duty World League, World, Electronic Sports World cup and a whole lot more.

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