The game incubator program

Stage 1: Application and Selection Process

The first step in becoming a part of the HouseOgames game incubator program is the Application and Selection Process. This includes filling out the Application form, telling us about you and your team and having your game/prototype reviewed by our selection committee. You must also be able to live inside the USA without having to get a visa. If we could, we'd accept all of you, but we can only split our time so many ways before you're limited to 2 second conversations with us once per year. We want YOU! And, unlike Uncle Sam, there will be no potato peeling required. ...Unless you're making potatoes and they have to be peeled, then you've brought it upon yourself.

Stage 2: HouseOgames Integration

The second phase is integrating into the HouseOgames game incubator program. This is getting you set up with a place to live, signing the contracts, setting up your utilities for the House, etc.

Mundane? Perhaps, but running water sure is nice now isn't it? The HouseOgames game incubator program itself spans an entire year based upon milestones that you set for your projects. During the year there are consistent evaluations to ensure that you're hitting those milestones. Then, at the end of the year, if you choose to stay inside the HouseOgames game incubator program we will extend the length for additional 6 month intervals. There is truly a lot to learn from the mentors provided, and depending on your interests a year simply may not be enough time.

Stage 3: Development (Arrested?)

Stage 3 of the HouseOgames game incubator program is pretty self-explanatory. It's time to make your game! You will have a place to live and work, over 60 mentors to guide you, from all aspects of game development to running a business. We will be with you every step of the way assisting you when and where you need it.

Stage 4: To Market & Beyond!

Stage 4 of the HouseOgames game incubator program begins once you've completed a game. It's not enough to just have a game, you have to get it out there. More importantly, you can't just put it somewhere and hope it catches on. It's important to understand that just because your game is great, doesn't mean it will be a success. If great things were a guaranteed success then Firefly would never have been cancelled! We will help bridge that gap, by assisting you with distribution partners, marketing, analytics, updates/tweaks, etc. Since our program is a year long we will be able to assist you and your team in 2 full game development cycles, from start to finish.

Stage Left: The Final Frontier

Last but not least in the HouseOgames game incubator program is when your games are doing fantastic and you and your team decide it's time to leave the nest. You will have had a year or more of training in all aspects of developing a game as well as releasing it to market. With this foundation of knowledge, you and your team will keep building your know-how and make higher and higher quality gaming experiences for the rest of your lives!

The Deal

What you receive when joining the HouseOgames game incubator program is ultimately hard to quantify. The experience, the knowledge, the access is really in a lot of ways immeasurable. However...everybody likes lists, right? Favorite movies, music, books, places to lurk, so here's our list of what you get:

  • Getting to talk to us, a treat in and of itself!
  • Mentorship from a long list of industry veterans.
  • A rented house in the Seattle area for you and your team to live in for the duration of the HouseOgames game incubator program. Do not underestimate the impact of 24×7 availability to your space and more importantly to your team, for collaboration, you can't do any better!
  • Utilities paid for the house including WIFI (no hijacking the neighbours required).
  • PR & Marketing support
  • Office space to work out of (your living room, or dining room, or heck even the roof*!)
  • Key partnerships with distributors.
  • One of the most important aspects to the program is that you retain ownership of all of your IP, even while inside the HouseOgames game incubator program.

*Note: We are not liable for roof-related injuries.

Revenue Share

Any project brought into or worked on in the HouseOgames game incubator program is shared 70% to you and 30% to us (calculated after AppStore or equivalent platform "fees"). Once you decide to leave the HouseOgames game incubator program all future projects as well as IP developed inside of the HouseOgames game incubator program is all yours. We make it simple for you to succeed and continue to succeed, while alleviating any worries you or your team may have about who retains ownership of what. That answer is simple: YOU do. All we ask is that for projects where you used our resources to help develop, that we get our share so that we can continue to support the teams that come behind you the way we supported you, because the goal here is to help those that need it and improve the industry. It really IS just that simple.